Welcome To Nääs Fabriker

Welcome to Nääs Fabriker

We finally have some things up on the site to show you the new identity and print work for Nääs Fabriker. We are super pleased and are looking forward to continue making it one of Gothenburg most talked about and popular destinations.

Master Of Sales

Master of Sales

In 2011 we had the honor to produce a book  based on a manuscript by Erik Ullsten. Johan Brink took hold of the text and we applied ourselves to the design.
The finished result became a book that we are very proud of and is now about to be printed in a third edition. In addition, there is also an english version available.


Kick Off At Barn I Stan

Kick off at Barn i stan

We’re back from a well deserved holiday and while Helena is holding down the fort in Gothenburg, Jonas is working on the september issue at the Barn i stan office in Stockholm this week. Nice to see their wall with all the covers we made over the years. And there is still a lot more of them to come. Stay tuned for the september issue by the end of the month.

To Read And To Love …

To read and to love …

Some advertising is more interesting than other. Just got this ad on my screen to the right; two books in the same ad from Bokus. The first book is fantastic and about letters. It’s designed and written by Nina Ulmaja. The other book is by Gunilla Bergsten and we made ​​the cover design. What a combo! Order now!